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Ornot Cross Camp - Day 3

October 19, 2017

...maybe you've seen us already, ornot. 

We invited some of our favorite people and skilled northern california cyclocross buddies to race under the Ornot flag for the 2017 season. To start things off on a good note, we headed up north for a little shakeout camp (see day1 and day2).  Everyone knows, a team is only as good as it's colors, and this year we're colorful, spotted and matching. After shaking out the legs and getting lost in the sierras all of the riders received their skin suits for the year and proceeded to practice the fundamentals (dollar bills out of beer cans). 

King of Whatever

Everyone knows the red polka dots. They symbolize a truly powerful rider, the one who gets to the top of the mountain first. We wanted to take the "king of the mountains" polka dots and give them new meaning. Like, you could be the king of giving handups, or king of crashing, or the king of not pre-riding the course. We like to think that one could be the King of anything, including king of last place.  We just took winning and made it more fun, you can be the king of the mountain, Ornot. Although, we do win sometimes too...

The A Team

This year we're taking our polka dots and heading for every cyclocross race we feel like doing. We've got a team of great riders and we're looking for a great time. If you see us out there, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the sock hand up, or maybe even the sock hand down...

Ride with us. 

Yes, these are team colors, and yes we have a team - but you're invited too! We want everyone to be a part of the Ornot cyclocross team this year, which means we are selling our limited edition skinsuit. Snag one of those, a pair of our KOM socks and show some pride for the A-Team. Send us a photo of yourself taking a hand-up for a bonus prize. 


KOM Skinsuit

KOM Socks

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