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Climate Neutral Certified


With every purchase made with us, you are supporting a small business, so, thanks! You're also supporting a business that has chosen to be accountable for its carbon emissions and take the necessary actions to then offset them.  In the last year we took the steps to become Climate Neutral Certified. This involved evaluating our manufacturing, raw good purchasing, supply chain infrastructure and transportation efficiencies.  We were then able to offset these emissions by purchasing verified offsets that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. 




The simple answer is: we ride bikes and we love to be able to enjoy the outdoors without pollution.  The earth is our home and taking care of it is one of our top priorities as a business. You wouldn't let your car idle in your home would you? Neither would we, and that's exactly why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting the rest. 

We understand that as a solo person trying to enact change can feel daunting.  As our customer we consider you a part of our community.  So, when you make a purchase with us, you're not only getting a great product but you're also becoming a part of a collective movement to mitigate climate change and pollution. 


Currently the best way remedy a carbon footprint is to reduce it as much as possible. Once that is done, paying for verified carbon offsets is the next step.  Money is given to programs that restore degraded forests, capture biogas from livestock, and capture methane gas from landfills.  These practices will help by making our air cleaner and slowing climate change.  As more brands and people join together, this can become the new normal.  Supporting the development of more sustainable manufacturing, cleaner and easily recyclable materials, and more efficient transportation systems are just a few key ingredients that will help us all have a better future.