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In good company, Ornot.

January 20, 2017 1 min read

"Let's work together." 

The idea of having a meeting on a bike ride is romantic but often hard to execute. Either the ride is too fun (to talk), or there is too much traffic, or the climb is too long, etc. You never really get any good work done. Most ride/meetings end with a quick conversation, or just the same ol' one liners - "We should make this happen," "Email me," "Totally dude."  In the case of Spurcycle and Ornot, one of those short conversations on a Headlands ride turned into a fun little collaboration. 


It's all on your head. 

Nick Slone (of Spurcycle) often wears a cap. He wanted something simple and understated, something representative of his brand, their bell and our project as a whole. We picked a USA handmade operation for a cotton, screen printed cap that does it all and looks good all the while. Simple screen print and soft grey cotton cap - all you need, for your head...


Twinkle toes. 

What's a collaboration without socks? Made right here in the USA, these socks are the good ol' Ornot sock you have come to love and admire. Featuring a limited edition design, these socks are a special addition to your sock drawer.


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Spurcycle + Ornot Cap



Spurcycle + Ornot Socks


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Cap + Socks + Bell Set



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