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Stretch Knit Arm Warmers

      • Circular knit arm warmers, so stretchy, you'll hardly know they're on, except for keeping your arms warm. Made with Q-NOVA® recycled and traceable nylon, these are perfect for temps between 45-65 degrees. Unique stretch patterns are incorporated to shape and insulate your arms while riding.  We're a fan of the circular knit construction because it avoids bulk and reduces waste in the manufacturing process.

        1. Articulated circular knit construction. 
        2. Stretchy and comfortable wicking fabric. 
        3. Made with recycled Q-NOVA® Nylon.
        4. 45-65 degree temperature range.
        5. Easily packs away - Only 80 grams. 
        6. Unisex sizing.
        7. Made in Portugal.
      • .

        These are unisex sized. We recommend using your jersey size to determine the correct arm warmer size from the chart above. If you have questions about sizing send us an email.


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