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Topeak Micro Rocket AL Pump

      • This is the pump that we use on our bikes. We ALWAYS carry a pump, because, unlike a C02 cartridge, you can use the pump over and over, and over. Tubeless people, ever try to find that small hole to plug, but you only have a CO2? Use this pump to add air, find the hole, and plug it. Do you ride with friends? You can let your friend fix their flat, and at just 65 grams, it flies under the weight weenie radar.  Carry the pump in your handlebar bag mini, or use the included water bottle attachment. This pump guarantees a 4.0 at #flattimesatridgemounthigh. 

        1. This small pump actually works.
        2. Won't leave you stranded like a wasted C02.
        3. Compatible with Tubeless and Tubed type tires with a Presta Valve.
        4. Includes plastic mount for mounting under a water bottle cage.
        5. Made of Aluminum.
        6. 64 grams and 6.3" long