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Unofficial Mount Tam Hill Climb

September 13, 2016

For 50 some years now, on the first weekend of September, the best racers from Northern California and beyond have been lining up in Stinson Beach to take their shot at climbing the local mountain, and claiming the title as the fastest to the (kinda) top. Mount Tamalpais Hill Climb is without a doubt, one of the best and oldest events in the Bay Area. This is partly because there aren't many events in Marin and because it is a beautiful course.

We sponsored the event last year in hopes to start a long term relationship with this local event. Unfortunately for us, and hundreds of racers, the event was left off the calendar this year. Unable to race officially, we thought it would be a great to get together with some of our friends and climb up ol' Tam in celebration of the race.

So, we put the word out. The Unofficial Mt Tam Hill Climb was happening. We invited some friends, thinking only a couple people would turn up for a r̶a̶c̶e̶ up a giant mountain. But, It turns out a lot of people can't resist a fun ride up Tam. About 50+ people to be exact.


 Long Story - Short

 A Ton Of People Showed Up


There Were Donut Hand Ups


There Was The Warm Up Hill Climb


There Was The Stop In Stinson Beach


There was the Climb

(we don't have photos of this part because we were riding so so fast,
but check out our new socks! Guaranteed 25% faster than last year's model.)

There Was Beer At The Top 


We Were All Unofficial "Winners" 

(Robbie was the first unofficial winner)

Thanks to everyone who came out. We're cooking up some more rides like this... Stay tuned, Ornot

Introducing the all new

Mt Tam Socks

New Color For 2016

25% Faster Than Last Year's Socks

Collectors Item

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