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The Women's House Jersey

October 03, 2016 1 min read 1 Comment

Women's specific House Jerseys!

We've been working on these for a while. A year's worth of prototypes are in a cabinet right next to a pile of test notes from numerous women. Zipper length and cuff measurements were debated to death on multiple occasions and we couldn't be happier with the result.

Our goal was to create a jersey for every ride. These jerseys offer comfort and technology where it's needed with minimal branding as usual. 

Welcome to our house, let's ride bikes.

Like a snuggie, Ornot.

While creating the House Jerseys, we focused on riding comfort and fit. These new jerseys feature a comfortable cut with a new lightweight zipper to get the jersey to lay flat. In addition to fit changes, the House Jerseys feature new fabric and sleeve cuffs. We utilized ultra-lightweight, micro fiber spandex on the sleeve and front panels. This new extremely soft and stretchy material allows for a great fit while maintaining maximum wicking capabilities. The micro-mesh side panels and neck yoke have excellent breathability and our new sleeve grippers keep our longer sleeves in place.

Translation : This new jersey is super comfortable and fits great.

Made to ride. 

These jerseys don't stop at just looking good, they go on to perform through the miles - and you should too. Zip up and rest assured this jersey will get you to where you're going, and keep you comfortable all the while. 

The Women's House Jerseys are available in 2 colorways; an updated Blue Line, and a new design for 2016 - Plum! As usual, these House Jerseys are designed in San Francisco and sewn right here in California. 

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Blue Line

Plum Jersey

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August 09, 2017

Hello Ornot Team

I would like to order view items from you, but I don’t see Slovenia ( Europe) in shipping menu .

Best regards

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