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SF Coffee By Bike – Four Barrel

June 22, 2017 2 min read

Bikes, coffee, and San Francisco. 

Coffee and cycling go hand in hand and San Francisco affords ample opportunities to test, sample, and critique numerous shops.  Below is a detailed look from the two-wheel perspective, into what gives SF coffee its flavor. 


Four Barrel Coffee

2 Burrows St, San Francisco, CA 94134

Location - 4 Star

Chances are you didn’t even know Four Barrel had a location in Portola. And an even greater chance that you have no idea where Portola is. Off the beaten path and secretly placed between the Bayview and Bernal Heights on the north slope of John McLaren, this gem of a shop sits on a quaint dead end street a half block off the main drag, San Bruno Ave. Among the unique hustle of this neighborhood, Four Barrel waits, patiently to be discovered.


Bike Friendliness - 5 Star

Roll to the end of the street and place your bike against a plethora of planters, racks and walls all easily visible from the inside of the cafe. The environment of this shop is relaxed with employees and customers welcoming the odd and hefty amounts of spandex you and your buds are wearing. Seating can be found inside at a large communal table or outside at numerous perches compliments of the community garden that borders the shop at the end of the street.


Coffee Quality - 4 Star

Four Barrel has always had a strong commitment to training employees to a high level of understanding coffee preparation. I have never been disappointed with taste, presentation or execution. Go ahead and order an espresso with confidence.


Feels and Vibes - 5 Star

Just outside the cut, Four Barrel Portola lends itself to feeling like you personally have discovered the coolest little cafe in SF. The calm environment embraced by the staff and patrons is a welcoming calm after a hard effort making this cafe a perfect choice for a post-Bruno hang.


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