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Ornot Summer Collection

May 01, 2017

Summer's almost here, and that means it's time for even more riding with less layers! We're excited to be releasing new clothing to get you on the road, and keep you moving in style. Checkout what we have to offer below, and pick up some of the best gear yet.


Block And District House Jersey

A little bit of color and a whole lot of minimal. This summer release has something for everyone no matter what your style, unless it's paisley. 

District House Jersey

Keep it clean with our super deep navy jersey. The color was inspired by the cool waters of the pacific ocean and long rides with views of it. Works well in grassy fields too, Ornot.

The Block House Jersey

On hot Summer days light colors keep it cool – 'Be seen and keep it fresh' is the mantra for this piece. The Block Jersey borrows design queues from the ever popular Piet Mondrian and his abstract geometric paintings.  But honestly, it really comes down to us being obsessed with right angles, color blocks and crit racing, Ornot.

The District Socks

These are everyone's new favorite. Wear them riding, wear them to work. They're socks, they do sock things, on your foot things.  

The Block Socks

Somedays call for lighter colored socks. These are those. Pair these up with your dance shoes, Ornot 

 - Shop the Simple Collection -

District House Jersey

District Socks

Block House Jersey

Block Socks


- Other Goodies -


House Bibs

Black Sleeveless Baselayer

Women's Summer Jerseys

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