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Indian Summer - Bryan Markwardt

December 08, 2016 1 Comment

I had grown accustomed to summer as a season of warmth

Having moved to San Francisco during a particularly cold June, I soon realized that may not be the case. Although our version of cold is not really all that cold, our geography is such that we can experience 3 seasons in a day, especially along the coast or at elevation.


Patience had been suggested...

Hints of weather warming during an Indian Summer later in the year. It may not have the consistency of affording us putting away layers for months at a time, but the eventual warm weather is arguably more appreciated. Days when parks and beaches are prioritized over offices, bikes loaded for nights under the stars.


The Mythical Beam.

Often, we are rewarded for pushing through the elements. Despite the undeniable joy in a cloudless blue sky, I rarely capture images in these circumstances that rival those in clearing skies, a thick fog, or the occasional, mythical beam. beam (n) Found amongst fog or low-lying clouds, sun unobstructed above, backlit against a dark background, hopefully over an otherwise picturesque scene. Simple.

We don't have seasons, per se. 

But, experience weather symptomatic of each. We enjoy days of jerseys fully unzipped after mid-ride swims; bundle up through brisk mornings, breath visible, a slight sting in the chest or ears; and push on through sheets of falling rain. Properly outfitted with the right mindset, adverse weather can be a beautiful thing. We and our bikes can get wet. When roads get slick - take to the dirt, Ornot


Photos and words by Bryan Markwardt

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December 09, 2016

Beautiful words and some bitchin shots!

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