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May 08, 2020 2 min read

Empty SF

As of March 16th, San Francisco residents were asked to shelter in place and only leave for essential needs like groceries, working at an essential job, or exercise. This has emptied the streets, all but stopped traffic and created a unique perspective of a normally bustling city.  While riding and walking I've been carrying my camera and long lens to capture the strange time we are experiencing. 

Powell Street

If you've walked along Market Street before you've seen this intersection, normally covered with tourists, taxis, and cable cars going up and down the hill. I hopped the curb, rode over to a lazy susan used to spin around the Cable Cars, and sat there on my top tube to get the shot.

 Fillmore Street

Riding down Page street from one of our favorite bakeries in town I stopped and looked south on Fillmore St. I could see all the way to San Bruno Mountain with layers of SF green space, streets, and apt buildings perched on the hills hovering over this empty street. 

China Town

Down the hill from Ornot's showroom on Grant St, is an ornament covered stretch of road normally filled with residents and tourists, not this day though. 

 Judah Street

I stopped in the middle of the road at a stop sign and could see all the way down to Ocean Beach. Sat there for 5 minutes before a train came, acknowledging that public transportation is scarce at this time.   


Cole Valley

The trees are successfully hiding parked cars that no one is driving with only a walker at the top of the hill in the distance. 

Hawk Hill

Easily the most cycled stretch of road in the headlands, Conzelman Road going up to the very top of Hawk Hill. Currently, this is closed to cars but oddly enough, I had to wait around the longest to capture this clear view of no cyclists or hikers on the road. Karl still made an appearance. 


When business resumes I'll be curious to see if communities decide to adopt some of the practices we have endured during shelter in place. The lack of driving in the city has been a welcomed break and resulted in cleaner air, and friendlier commutes by bike and foot. Perhaps we can adopt a version of this practice for the betterment of all. If you enjoyed these, prints are available



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