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Earth Day is once a year, Ornot

Earth Day is once a year, Ornot

Earth Day - Every day. 

If you’ve been with us over the past few years, you’ve heard that we have been a Climate Neutral Certified business since 2019. This involved evaluating our manufacturing, raw good purchasing, supply chain infrastructure and transportation efficiencies. We were then able to offset these emissions by purchasing verified offsets that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Sounds a little bit weird right? Well, it actually funds real world projects that do a lot of good. 

Currently the best way to neutralize a carbon footprint is to reduce it as much as possible. Once that is done, paying for verified carbon offsets is the next step.  Read below about the offsets that we purchased for our 2020 Climate Neutral Certification.

Cook stoves:

Huh? Yes, cook stoves, but not the ones we may be used to in North America or Europe. Many households in Uganda use wood-burning stoves, which contribute to local deforestation. These inefficient wood-burning stoves can also cause poor indoor air quality for households. The Improved Cookstoves for Social Impact in Ugandan Communities project replaces inefficient wood-burning stoves with more efficient Uga stoves. These stoves reduce wood and charcoal burning by 50% and improve indoor air quality by reducing emissions. Additionally, switching to a more efficient stove can save families approximately 20% of annual income that otherwise would have been spent on fuel. The stoves create benefits for local ecosystems by reducing deforestation and emissions associated with charcoal production. This is a win-win-win project. 

Read more about this project here:

Renewable Energy (wind): 

Turbines! Renewable energy generation is a reliable solution to climate change because it helps displace our reliance on energy from fossil fuels. Pretty straight forward.  This project supports wind energy production near Minot, North Dakota, to reduce our dependence on traditional electricity sources. Renewable energy projects also contribute to local job creation. 

Read more about this project here:

Landfills and Methane: 

The goal of this project is to prevent methane emissions from entering our atmosphere. This is important because methane emissions are roughly 30 times stronger than carbon dioxide emissions. According to the EPA, landfills are currently the third-largest contributor to anthropogenic methane emissions across the country (whoa!). This project collects landfill gas from the Hernando County Northwest Landfill in Brooksville, Florida. The gas is converted into power that can fuel about 1000 local homes. This reduces dependence on additional fuel sources, and also prevents these landfill gases from entering the atmosphere.

Read more about this project here:

Looking Ahead:

We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint. In 2021 we moved our fulfillment warehouse to a fellow Climate Neutral Certified partner who also happens to be close to our production facilities and our HQ. This saves on fossil fuels when moving our products to where they need to go. When you receive products from us, most will arrive in compostable or recycled packaging.  We have also been incorporating more recycled and sustainable fabric into our products. But the most sustainable product is one that will last a long time, and that is our main goal. Making quality products while incorporating sustainable fabric. 

If you made it this far. Thanks! With every purchase made, you are supporting a small business, getting an awesome piece of gear. It doesn't stop there though, you're also supporting a business that has chosen to be accountable for its carbon emissions and hopefully putting pressure on the big guys to do the same. You can make a difference, Ornot.