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Cannondale Track, Ornot.

March 14, 2018 5 Comments

- Byron is a great friend, an off the couch crusher, sneaker hoarder, and one of the nicest guys you'll meet. He's also a frame breaker, which provides a great segue to his amazing "new" (old) bike. -

cannondale evo supersix track paint ornot

After breaking my fork, putting some deep scratches into the head tube paint, and getting a replacement fork from Cannondale that wasn't going to match, I decided to get my Evo repainted. Choosing color is an agonizing process, but this idea fell into place really easily: early 90's Cannondale Track's are on of my all time favorite bikes, Cannondale Track bike vinyl decals can be sourced from Britain, and the simple lines of the frame would really lend itself to this idea. Besides, 'classics areclassics for a reason'.

The painter, Eric of Burnt Bicycles, is a super rad dude who does work fairly close-by. I'd sent him a couple other frames for carbon repair+repaint and knew he'd kill this. Sure enough, had this frame and a paint matched stem back to me within 2 weeks (recreating the color from scratch).

Polished silver quill stems really go hand-in-hand with the Cannondale track bikes and knowing that Ritchey makes a sick polished cockpit with their Classic series, I couldn't not try it out. It looks so good, simple, and clean up front that I refuse to clutter up the front end with a mount and computer. Carbon seat post because ain't nobody got time for beat-up-booties.


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5 Responses


May 07, 2018

Absolutely beautiful – and so are the photographs. What’s the saddle/seatpost combo?


April 13, 2018

Found this by accident on the internets and must commend you for such a gorgeous paint job. You’re (seemingly) unwittingly pulling a lot of heart strings on many riders here. The Ritchey round bar sealed the deal for me. This must be a dream bike to ride. Well done.

Greg McAllister
Greg McAllister

April 06, 2018

You seriously read my mind with this post. When I saw the bike in the email newsletter, I was trying to get a closer look and figure out how it was built. So it’s Red eTap – very elegant idea for a track frame. I like the silver cockpit – I just put a silver Mash Cinelli stem/bar combo and Thomson Masterpiece silver seatpost on a 1994 Colnago I’m building w/ 10 speed Record.


April 06, 2018

Classy paint and build. I’m Not the biggest fan of silver components, but with this paint scheme that stem looks fly! BTW, who makes those bottle cages?


April 05, 2018

I am crying. I have seen a fair share of beautiful bikes, but this one is crazy beautiful.
Congrats from France for this amazing job and taste.

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