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Belgian Cyclocrossin Down in Surf City

November 04, 2016 1 min read


A spooky, muddy, very Belgian cyclocross race down in Santa Cruz.

We filled the Ornotmobile to its gils with bikes, beer and buddies and drove down south to good ol' Santa Cruz to participate in the famous Aptos High Cyclocross Race this weekend.


Let it rain.

The skies opened just in time for the Bs race and proceeded to drench the entire course. The run ups turned into peanut butter, and the downhill sections (of which there were two very fast ones) turned into slip-n-slides of gooey dark mud. Cowbells, parkas and heckling added to the very Belgian vibes of the day. We were in for a good one.


i dont know what was scarier

The ghosts of last year's race? 

Or, The 350 some muddy off-camber turns?


Team Ornot

The gray and purple skinsuits showed up in force for this muddy race. We packed the B's, and had representation is 3 other races. Sure we didn't podium (Kurt didn't even make it to the finish line) but we definitely won best looking kits. 


Until next time.

We all agreed this was by far the best course and race this year. The ride was just challenging enough, and the rain made the whole event a bit more of a story to tell to our dry friends back home. We will definitely be back next year, and we're hoping the weather man works his magic again. 


Check out more photos from Surf City CX - Aptos High HERE



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