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A New York Minute.

March 30, 2017 1 Comment

– Photos by JP Bevins

Take what you can get.

During the winter you need to take every opportunity to ride you get, because it could be snowing/raining/icing/spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow. This season has been a wild one (on the East and West coast) - from sunshine to snow in the blink of an eye. Carly and JP seized the moment and went for a little cruise from their New York home base on a "nice" winter day.

Layering up. 

Having the right clothing in cold weather can make the difference between being comfortable and miserable. Layers are key. Our Thermal Jacket makes layering a bit easier by blocking wind, insulating, repelling water and breathing all at the same time. This means that you can layer more minimally based on the weather conditions. The soft brushed interior ensures that if your lucky enough to be wearing the jacket with a jersey or short sleeve base layer the jacket stays comfortable next to your skin. 

Modularity when it counts. 

Our new winter layering gear is built to be useful in multiple conditions. Everything from 50 degrees down to freezing can be handled with our thermal offerings. Our favorite new product is our thermal bib shorts paired with the thermal leg warmers. The combo allows for chilly early morning starts and if you're lucky enough to catch the sun and some warmer temps, just peel off the leg warmers. The Bar Bag serves as a perfect storage space for shed layers, pack extra gloves and cookies. Always take extra gloves! Always. Cookies too.

Staying in style. 

Our accessories and outerwear are designed to last, physically and aesthetically. When we are creating new designs and colorways we always look back to make sure that our clothing matches and can be mixed and matched from season to season. We add hits of reflectivity where it matters and keep design quiet enough to match all of your favorite gear. 

Stay warm this spring. 

Early season rides are some of the best. That feeling of coming out of hibernation along with the cool wind on your face. Staying warm and comfortable obviously makes for an even better experience. We like to start our rides out with hot water in our water bottles. It may sound weird, but those first few warm sips are great.



Plum House Jersey

Thermal Bib Shorts

Thermal Jacket

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March 30, 2017

I have mine this past weekend !

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