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Dynaplug - Racer Pro

      • What's a Plug? Plugs are a way to fix tubeless tires. If you have tubes in your tires, skip right over to our seat bags. Ok, tubless people, you have sealant in your tires, and it will "seal" some punctures. When the hole is too big to seal, you need a plug. It's waaaay easier to plug a tubeless tire than it is to fix it by installing a tube.

        Now that you are familiar with plugs, we teamed up with our favorite meerkat over at Dynaplug and had them fire some lasers, yes lasers, at these Olive "Racer Pros" for us. If your tire isn't sealing, just pop the cap off and jam one of these in the hole. The metal tip will stay inside your tire leaving a sticky rubber plug filling the hole and thus, fixing your flat. You can then keep that 2-year-old spare tube stowed in your seat bag for another day. Whew, really, these things are a lifesaver. Each Racer Pro comes with 4 individual plugs. When you run out, you can order replacement plugs so you're always prepared.

        1. Lightweight and small.
        2. Easily fits in our Seat Bag or Handlebar Bag.
        3. Only works with Tubeless Tires, don't try this with a tube in your tire.
        4. Includes 4 pre-loaded plugs - 3 standard plugs and 1 mega plug for a serious hole. (Purchase more plugs from Dynaplug)
        5. Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel.
        6. 26 grams
        7. Keeps your spare tube air free.