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Womens Micro Climate Jacket 2021 - Morocco

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  • This is not a wind jacket! (it's so much more)

    Our Micro Climate Jacket features an extremely durable, lightweight fabric custom milled especially for us. This jacket breathes like nothing we've ever used. Ever read about the $500 Olympic swimsuits? Yeah, fabric like that... We designed a lofted pattern to insulate at strategic points keeping you warm and dry. Speaking of dry, the fabric has a patented treatment applied permanently to each fiber strand which resists moisture, making the jacket water-resistant and quick to dry without a coating that could wash off. Did we mention stretch? This jacket stretches, making it comfortable while moving with you on the bike.

    San Francisco is known for its microclimates and that was our inspiration for the ultimate take-along jacket. When you're cold, put it on and when it warms up, stuff it in its rear pocket and continue on. You could wear it all day, Ornot. Curious about the difference between our Magic Shell and Micro Climate Jackets? Check out our comparison here.


    1. Reversible rear pocket doubles as a stash bag.
    2. Custom lightweight fabric is durable with abundant 4 way stretch and consistent recovery.
    3. Lofted insulation in key areas (chest, shoulders, front of arms).
    4. Water-resistant and quick-drying due to patented thread treatment that won't wash off.
    5. Soft interior insulation feels good directly against skin.
    6. 155 grams (size small) - Temp range ; 40 - 67 degrees.
    7. Sewn by hand in California.
    8. Made using Oeko-Tex certified fabric.
  • Size NoteThe Micro Climate Jacket is designed to be fitted and the fabric stretches quite a bit. If you prefer a slightly more relaxed or roomy fit, we suggest moving up one size. If you have questions about sizing send us an email.