The Bar Bag - Plum
The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum The Bar Bag - Plum
$ 78.00

How does this thing work? Check it out here.

We wanted a bar bag, so we created one to suit our exact needs. Too often, we found ourselves over-stuffing pockets on long rides, or leaving crucial items behind altogether. We wanted the luxury of being able to carry everything we "need" along with a purpose built 'gramming holster on all of our adventures. After prototyping for about a year, we landed on on this, our final version.  

This is for the cold morning coffee jaunts, afternoon burrito boogies and sunset soirées. Strap it to your race bike, cross bike, dad bike, fat bike, or whatever, it’ll do the job as long as it’s on some handlebars. The Bar Bag has enough room for some food and a few warm layers, or a bag of coffee beans and some donuts, or three cold beers and a camera. It features two accessory pockets on the outside designed for quick, one-handed access to your Instacameras and music machines (yes, we designed a pocket to make it easier to Instagram on-the-go). Made from heavy duty, custom printed nylon canvas, with a rigid inner structure, The Bar Bag will stand the test of time. 

The Bar Bag easily attaches to your handlebars via 2 velcro straps and a tether cord which we like to wrap around our stem / headset. It measures about 9 inches wide with a diameter of 5.5 inches. Check out The Blog for a more detailed description of "How to Bar Bag". We go into detail about the research and development process, and the intended use of the bag's features. 

The Bar Bag is a collaboration with San Francisco’s Rickshaw Bagworks. They design and manufacture customizable bags of all shapes and sizes right here in their own sewing factory in the Dogpatch. We enlisted their help for obvious reasons - They are super talented, super local, and just about the most friendly people you will ever work with.

Pro Tip - Since The Bar Bag fits all bikes differently, be sure to use tape or a sticker to avoid paint wear in high friction areas. 


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