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SF Comp High School Team Work Jersey

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  • Support the San Francisco High School Composite Mountain Bike Team by purchasing this jersey. San Francisco composite, what??? Details below:

    • We support the "composite" High School team which is made up of kids from multiple schools here in SF. 
    • These boys and girls race in the "NorCal" league which is run by NICA, the national governing body.
    • High School MTB team? Yes, instead of football or basketball these kids get to ride their bikes after school and go to races on the weekends. This is awesome! 

    Check out the SF Composite team on Instagram


  • The Work Jersey can be worn a bit more relaxed. The size chart above reflects more "fitted" sizing, if you would like more of a "club fit" or a bit more relaxed, go ahead and grab one size up. For more help finding your size send us an email with your weight and height.
  • Designed in San Francisco, Made in California.

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