Merino Shirt Jersey
Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey Merino Shirt Jersey
$ 145.00

It's a jersey, it's a shirt, it's the Shirt Jersey.  

What is a shirt jersey? It's a full zip jersey with an elastic waist and 3 rear pockets but we kept the sleeves casual like a t-shirt. 2 great ideas rolled into one! Testing shows that this jersey is 20% more fun while only sacrificing 1.4 watts. But really, this jersey works in just about all situations. 

Hot ornot.

Is this a winter jersey? No, we use lightweight 100% Merino wool and Micro Denier Polyester panels in key areas to add structure and durability. This keeps our Merino jersey from developing saggy pockets and that loosy goosie grandpa style. Poly panels can be found on the jersey sides, pockets, and neck. Could you ride it in the winter? Sure, layer it up, but on its own this is a warm weather jersey. 


This jersey isn't magic, but it's pretty comfortable. Comfortable in a paceline, a coffee line or a post ride feast. But the only ticket to the that post ride feast is riding, and this jersey can hammer it out at Thursday night worlds, epic all day adventures, or evening intervals. The natural attributes of the Merino wool keep you comfortable on the bike and afterwords so you can get to that coffee ASAP. 


- Designed from scratch. We love this jersey (great detail huh?).

- 100% lightweight Merino Wool front, back and sleeves.

- 100% Micro Denier Polyester side panels, pockets, and collar.

- 3 rear pockets and a full ykk zipper.

- Minimal design to keep the attention on the ride, not your gear.

- Made in the USA

 Check out the Blog for more info on the design process and testing of the Merino Shirt Jersey. 

See the sizing chart for some general fit information, but remember the Merino Shirt Jersey is designed with a more relaxed fit than our other jerseys. Model is 5'10" 155lbs and wearing a size small.

Merino Wool Shirt Jersey from Ornot on Vimeo.




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