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Ornot Cyclocross Sponsored Riders 2017

These eight riders race under the Ornot flag, and supply us with stories, photos and race reports. Learn more about them, and their aspirations for the season below.



Races elite - Skills include wearing bibs under work clothes - Season goal is to see the rear wheel of Tobin Ortenblad on the last lap of a race

Mel's first bike was fixed. He raced alley cats and rode centuries. Yep, that’s right, centuries. Then he rode Golden Gate park, skidding his way through trails until his tires finally flatted. Then he upgraded to a geared bike and was off to his first cross-dressing event. DFL for all that don’t know, where he proceeded to profess his love to the CX gods. He’s serious about racing this season but will absolutely never turn down a hand-up. So get your beers, doughnuts, bananas, and dollars ready cause Mel is hungry.



Races elite - Skills include everything - Season goal is to win the hand up game

Little is known about the beginnings of young Hillyer.  He was seemingly placed on this planet in an attempt to overthrow all perceptions of what was and will be possible on two wheels.  His nonchalant attitude lures in his competition and hypnotizes them into a feeling of security during a race.  Right about that time Hillyer strikes, leaving other riders in a daze as he dashes to the finish.  Keith also enjoys swimming, candy bars, and cans of beer.



Races elite - Skills include whistling deep in the heart of Texas in all 12 keys - Season goal is to win every race, ornot

New to the scene in SF, Nutter brings a southern flair to the team with all credit given to his Odessa, Texan roots. Racing has always been a part of his cycling career whether it be a driveway crit series, long road races or his real love cyclocross. Nothing brings him more joy than an hour of suffering through dry hot and dusty turns with the promise of an ice cold Topo Chico at the finish line.



Races elite, Skills include finding trails that aren't actually trails - Season goal is to ride a lap in the snow

Born in San Jose, near a place called “The Dips” located between two foothills was a BMX park. Randy excelled in a small downhill section that resembled a one-way pump track with a tabletop with a couple of big jumps all of which were not angled well for safe landings. This sketchy bike park is where he learned about bike handling, community, courage, and stupidity. Sounds like the perfect cyclocross introduction.



Races B's - Skills include never showing emotion - Season goal is to ride the beach at Coyote Point

Fergus races bikes more than anyone we know. He races road, crit, track and now cyclocross.  How can one person race this many bikes? The answer is simple, he is insane. Get close to this guy in a race and he'll start a conversation with you about the beauty and simplicity of all things Ritchey.



Races b's - Skills include riding 32mm slicks on 4x4 trails - Season goal is to win just one holeshot

A few years back, Ornot was at a local race and saw Will dawning an Ornot skinsuit.  We were curious as we didn't know him but were immediately taken by the immense pain he was able to show on his face.  How could one individual appear to be suffering so badly?  And more importantly how was this individual not on our team?  Sufficient to say we approached him after the race and made him a member. 



Races elite - Skills include a pain face that is actually a smile - Season goal is to ice skate in Reno

Brooke started racing cyclocross three years ago to earn free beer. She has since lost several jobs and multiple friends due to an inappropriate amount of time devoted to cyclocross racing in order to earn the more beer. She has also invested heavily into a custom titanium bike that neither makes her faster nor pays the bills, but hey, it looks good. When not high on the cyclocross feeling, Brooke is riding single track, attempting to thwart age through yoga, chasing snow or brand managing in the bike industry.  



Races b's - Skills include master of the strawberry hand up - Season goal is to incorportate more fruit into the hand up game

Caetie is best known for her ride-to-eat exploits, organizing San Francisco's first ever Tour de Croissant, testing original snack recipes on her friends, and pulling things like sushi (vegetarian!) out of her jersey pocket on long rides. Hailing from the east coast, she started her athletic career running track and playing DIII collegiate soccer but made the switch to cycling when she moved to California in 2013. Since then, she’s gotten addicted to riding fast on dirt, and can shred on any sled.

Check out THE BLOG for more from the riders. We will be posting stories, photos and maybe a little bit of race reportage from this season's racing (and beer drinking). Be sure to follow our Instagram for updates on which races we will be at. 



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