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Grayskull Wind Vest - 2017 - LG and XL only


    Our original long sleeve Grayskull jersey's color was inspired by a trip down memory lane to the bizarre land of He-Man. Everyone loved the long sleeve version so much we decided it was time to build-out the line with a house jersey, vest and socks.

    A jersey's trusty sidekick on the adventures to protect Castle Grayskull. It protects you from evil, flaps in the wind (when unzipped) and looks great. You could call it a cape, Ornot.

  • (Men's sizing) We recommend erring on the small side for the vest. The back stretches allowing for a nice tight fit and sizing down also means less in your pocket once it warms up!

  • This is a staple for all San Francisco cyclists. Good for cold mornings, bridge crossings, fast descents, evening excursions, escaping the city and WIND. This vest is made from super lightweight and compactable ripstop fabric with a mesh back and sides. The ripstop fabric offers great wind protection along with water resistance while the mesh back and sides provide ventilation. 3 rear pockets add storage space for extras and the dual direction zipper allows you to fine tune your airflow. Bonus* reflective binding at the top of the pockets for dawn patrol raids.

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