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Stretch Belt - Black

      • Meet our stretch performance belt. Made in Oakland Ca, this belt features a minimal magnetic buckle and elastic webbing that can keep up with your movement. This will also help keep your pants from falling down, Ornot.

        1. Lightweight and aero. 
        2. Just kidding, it's a belt made with stretch elastic webbing made to move with your body. 
        3. No belt holes, so you can get the fit juuuust right.
        4. Slim magnetic buckle. 
        5. Made from domestically produced polyester /nylon elastic
        6. Sewn in Oakland Ca.
        7. One size fits most, from tiny to 38-ish.

      • The buckle is 1.5" tall to fit nearly any belt loop.
        Can fit waist sizes 19" to 38".
        If you have questions about sizing send us an email.