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Merino Tech Shirt - Indigo

    • What do you get when you take one part Australian RWS certified Merino Wool, add one part sustainably sourced wood pulp fibers (yep), and sew it together here in California? An amazing shirt, tailored for riding and comfortable in every situation. 

      You're probably familiar with merino wool and its performance characteristics, including amazing temperature regulation on hot or cold days. The addition of TENCEL™, a sustainable version of lyocell, has added benefits. First off, its properties keep you cool while drying quickly. The second benefit is its ability to make a merino shirt feel softer than cotton. Here's the cool part, the TENCEL™ is sourced from a closed-loop process in which wood pulp is combined with pre and post-consumer waste, like cotton scraps. Add a dash of stretch and you have a shirt that can be worn multiple days in a row, Ornot.

      We've updated the fit on our Merino Tech Shirt with a stretchier neck opening, longer sleeves and a slightly more relaxed fit. Enjoy!

    • Ornot Technical Riding Shirt Size Chart

      Our Merino Tech Shirt is meant to be worn a bit loose and our sizing chart reflects this. If you have questions about sizing send us an email.

    • + Contoured back panel for coverage while in a riding position.

      + 42.5% 19 Micron Merino Wool 42.5% Tencel 10% Nylon 5% Elastane

      + Stretchy and soft against your skin.

      + Made using renewable fibers and Certified with the Responsible Wool Standard.

      + Superior temperature regulation and odor control.

      + Made in California.

      + Pre-Shrunk.


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