Merino Sweatshirt - Stone Blue

    • Our merino sweatshirt will take you from the trailhead to the bbq without missing a beat. You could wear it on your bike, Ornot.

      Constructed with Polartec Power Wool, this isn’t your average sweatshirt. The fabric features a unique composition that places wool fibers next to your skin and durable synthetic fibers on the exterior, in other words, the wool isn’t a blended into the yarn, rather it’s exactly where you need it, next to your skin. This combination yields amazing moisture transfer and durability. Our sweatshirt will keep you comfortable whether blasting up hills or sitting at the taco shop.  Interesting side note, wool is capable of wicking moisture in the vapor state, this keeps you dryer longer when active. Sewn by hand in San Francisco.

    • Wool Crew Size Chart

      Our wool crew sweatshirt is meant to be worn a bit loose and our sizing chart reflects this. If you have questions about sizing send us an email.

    • Designed and sewn in San Francisco. 

      + Superior wicking action

      + Highly breathable 

      + Fast drying

      + Naturally odor resistant

      + Durable exterior

      + Hidden side zip pocket for a safety item

      + Easy care





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